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Consonanze Stravaganti Consonanze Stravaganti
Music by Neapolitan composers

Gesualdo, Lambardo, de Macque, Mayone, Salvatore, Stella, Strozzi & Trabaci

Organ - Dionisi Romano, 1581, S.Niccolò, Florence

Harpsichord - copy by Denzil Wraight of anon. Italian of ca. 1620 in Russell Collection

Cembalo cromatico - 19 notes per octave, reconstruction by Denzil Wraight

1 CD, Ars musici, Freiburg (1997), AM 1207-2

Highly recommended by the jury of International Vivaldi Prize, Venice

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"This disc is a definite buy, for both the wonderful instrumental sound and for the lively and informed performances by Mr Stembridge." Continuo Magazine

"There are few keyboard players capable of endowing a performance with such musicality, delivered through such sensitivity of touch and articulation....Stembridge's specialisation in the Italian baroque repertoire is an ideal vehicle for his interpretative skills, here focussed on that astonishing outpouring of harmonic intensity and emotion from 16th/17th century Naples.....The organ...responds beautifully to Stembridge's touch...I will treasure this CD." Early Music Review


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